My avatar

My avatar represents me because I enjoy having dark colored hoodies so I don’t draw in attention to myself (and because I like being warm) and simple hairdos if not for special occasions.


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My favorite books 📚

My favorite books are The Shark Caller and the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy series. I enjoy The Shark Caller because it’s full of mystery, culture and family. The reason I like the Kingdom of Fantasy is because it brings you on amazing adventures that teach you values like perseverance, loyalty and more.                                                                                                                                                                    Image result for the shark callerImage result for geronimo stilton kingdom of fantasy series

Tiger Sharks

What do tiger sharks look like? 

A tiger shark’s colour can look like colours between blue and green. It has a white or light  yellow under belly. It has dark spots and stripes when young and it fades as it matures. Tiger sharks have a long fin and upper tail. 

What’s a tiger shark’s diet?

A tiger shark’s diet includes fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squids, turtles and sometimes man-made waste, such as pieces of old tyres and more! Tiger sharks eat swimmers, divers and surfers in Hawaii. 

Info about tiger shark breeding 

 In the southern hemisphere, the mating season for tiger sharks is November, December and early January. Tiger sharks give birth to 80 live pups(most of them get eaten. A tiger shark’s pregnancy last 16 months. 

What kind of habitat do tiger sharks  live in?

 A tiger shark habitat is usually tropical or warm temperature waters; it also inhabits both oceanic waters up to 140 m and shallow coastal waters.

How tiger sharks like to hunt

Tiger sharks do most of their hunting at night when they can’t be seen. Tiger sharks eat everything, they’re at the top of the food chain (not saying they eat great whites).



























100 word challenge

Once there lived a janitor who worked at a zoo and wore only pink clothes. His favourite animal in the zoo was the giraffe.

The giraffe sang like no other animal. Some days the janitor would stand there admiring the singing giraffe. The public thought the janitor was nuts; the giraffe was actually just moaning. One day the janitor slipped and landed on the hard ground, the janitor said, “That was painful“. The janitor watched the giraffe so much that the zoo began to turn dusty. His boss began to get angry at the janitor because the zoo wasn’t clean.


Hello everyone :)

Hello my name is Benya, I’m 10 yrs old.

I have 3 cats🐈, 3 sisters👩 and 1 brother👨.

I live in New Zealand, North Otago on a farm🚜.

My hobbies are skiing🎿 , dirt biking and mountain biking 🚵 .

My favourite food is spaghetti🍝 and Asian food🍱🍚.

My mother is Thai👩 and my father is dutch👨.